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Hemingway tour in Havana

In Havana are still the favorite places that Ernest Hemingway liked to visit. We would like to introduce you to the most important places. Hemingway worked a lot in Havana, but he also enjoyed the sweet life.
We also recommend the best way for a real Hemingway tour in Havana.

Classic car Hemingway tour in Havana

If you are a package tourist you will do a Hemingway tour on the buses of "Havana Tours". Ask your tour operator about this tour.
The most beautiful and Cuban way for a Hemingway tour is but the ride in a vintage car. Drive to Ernest Hemingway's favorite places in a 1950's classic car.

The tour we recommend offers tour guides in 6 different languages ​​and costs 120 USD (without admission fees!).


Old Cars Havana

Hotel Ambos Mundos


The hotel "Ambos Mundos" is located in the old town of Havana. The hotel room 511 was Hemingway's first accommodation in Havana. In the years 1932 - 1939 he very often guest in this hotel.

He wrote enthusiastically to his friend John D. Passos (also a writer): "In this hotel you can get a good, clean en-suite room with a view of the harbor and cathedral - you can see the whole harbor entrance and sea for $ 2.00 overview - 2.50 for two people. "

For Hemingway the hotel was "a very good place to write", as he said himself. In his hotel room he finished the book "Death in the Afternoon" (1932) and he started the novels "The Green Hills of Africa" ​​(1935) and "Having and Not Harboring" (1937).
The hotel room 511 is today a small museum. You can visit it daily 9-17 clock. Admission 2 USD.

The hotel holds a competition every year: the one who looks most like Ernest Hemingway gets a bonus.


Hotel Ambos Mundos

Bar "El Floridita"

One of the most famous "Hemingway places" in Havana is his favorite bar "Floridita". Here Hemingway was very often to drink a good daiquiri. More specifically, Hemingway has drunk more than just one drink.

In this bar he met with friends and locals. The stories of his parties (including Spencer Tracy) are still legendary. That may be one of the reasons why Hemingway's favorite place is reserved for him today. Hemingway's favorite is a statue of the writer. Of course, this statue is the photo setting for every visitor to the bar.

The bar is very busy every day. There are excellent drinks and of course live music.
You want the best Daiquiri of the city? Go to "Floridita"!


El Floridita Havana
El Floridita Hemingway

Marina Hemingway

When Ernest Hemingway returned to Havana from an African safari in 1934, he saw the yacht "Pilar" in the harbor. He fell in love with the boat and bought it for $ 7,500.
Together with his friend Gregorio Fuentes he went regularly to deep-sea fishing. His favorite fish were the "blue marlin" and the "swordfish".

Today's "Marina Hemingway" was the home port of Pilar. Today, there is a hotel and several bars on the premises.

Tourists do not come to this marina very often, so it is very quiet there. If you are looking for peace is exactly right there.

In the "Marina Hemingway" you can eat very well and also swim very well. The water in the harbor is crystal clear, you can even see exotic fish.

Every year in June, the "Hemingway International Bill Fish Tournament" takes place here. Established in 1950 by Ernest Hemingway, this event is one of the oldest fishing competitions in the world.


Marina Hemingway Havana
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